Viajando por indonesia

Indonesia tourism

Indonesia is a fascinating country, with very diverse tourism. It has a lot of different experiences to offer. It is one of the few places in the world where you can see orangutans (Borneo Island), swim with jellyfish without dying in the attempt (Togian Island), swim with turtles (Komodo, Gilis, Bunaken Islands), among many other things.

With its more than 17,000 Islands, it offers countless experiences for all types of travelers. Surely it will leave a deep mark on the soul of who visits it.

Capital of Indonesia: Yakarta.

Internet connection: It depends a lot on where you are and the accommodation you have, but in general it is quite good.

Security in Indonesia: A city that does not present great risks for tourists, but paying attention to the obvious. Do not exaggerate the confidence, and avoid places that you don’t really know how is it.

Drinking-Water: It is necessary to drink bottled water.

Entry requirements for Indonesia: you need a departure plane ticket. And vaccines if you have been in places of risk in Africa and America.

Currency in Indonesia: Indonesian Rupiah.

Language: Indonesian

Best season to travel: November to May. There is less rain and more pleasant temperatures.

Typical food: Nasi Campur, Nasi Goreng.

Travel among the cities: It is a very touristic country in general, so in many places, there is great availability of transport. It shouldn’t be a problem in most places, but obviously the farther away places from bigger or touristic areas, there are fewer options.

Recommended cities: Bali, Uluwatu, Gili Islands, Borneo Island, Komodo Island, Prambanan on the island of Java, Bunaken Island, Sumatra.

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