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Let’s Travel the World

What’s the point of doing what everyone does? Getting married, having children, and then to work until you die. Traveling has never been so easy as it is now. The world never had so many tools that make it so easy. How many people in the past dreamed of traveling the world in times when it was impossible.

You are invited to travel the world. To fill your existence with experiences. To be free. To Travel, to change, and to be happy.

How to Travel for Free?

Even though it may seem impossible, it’s real. You can travel the world even if you don’t have any money. And many people are doing it. It’s not always easy. Maybe you will have to work, or you may have some surprises, but it can be done, and in the end, it will worth it.

To do it, there are several options

Work and Travel the World

An excellent choice, but not the only one to get accommodation while you travel without money is to travel working.

Every day more people are offering accommodation in exchange for some work that we do for free. This way, they get the benefit from your work and you can benefit from them with the food and accommodation.

The work should be relaxed, don’t worry about that. Just make it clear in the moment of the negotiation of the condition previously, because the first idea is to enjoy, so working too much is not the goal.

*4 o 5 hours per day should be the maximum that you work, with some free days per week. Don´t let them abuse! The idea of all this is not to be a profit system, but a cooperative one.

How do you contact people to travel in exchange for food and accommodation?

For this, there are many apps and websites, but we’ll talk about the most common and that we have used.

  • One of them is helpx.net, it’s a website where you pay a little contribution of registration and you get access to a database full of profiles of people that you can check, as well as the review from other travellers. This is ideal for people who want to do a long trip and that look for new experiences while traveling.
  • On the second hand, there is the movement wwoof, which basically was started as a group of friends in Britain that went to work outside of the city in order to get disconnected from the city. Today, it’s a really big movement that makes possible the communication between the organic producers with the volunteers where the work is exchanged with food, accommodation and the knowledge of sustainable crops. You also have to pay a contribution to the registration and it’s one of the most recommended if what you want is sharing with more conscious people about the environment and learning how to care for the planet.
  • As a third option, it’s the famous Workaway, which is a platform that allows us to work in any part of the world in the most diverse ways. exchanging also your work for accommodation and sometimes food too. You also have to pay a contribution to the registration.

Travel the world for free

Although it seems impossible, there is a wonderful option for free accommodation, known as Couchsurfing.com. Here, some people offer a couch or any space they have in their house to travelers who need a place to sleep. It’s not necessary to pay for the inscription and you can also read the profile of every offer and of course the opinion of other travelers who have visited the host. Es It’s a very good tool to save money and at the same time a more local experience.

Another similar option, bewelcome.org, that works the same way than Couchsurfing but it’s more recommended for travel families.

In last, there are also 2 other options very interesting too. One is housesitting.com, that basically is traveling while you are watching houses and the pets of the house while the owners are not at home. And the second is findacrew.net that allows the coordination between the owner of ships and boats who need help while they are traveling in the sea.

As you see, although you are a traveler who doesn’t have money, you still can live traveling, because there are many choices on your disposition.


In another hand, if what you want is to be a volunteer while you are traveling, and make a contribution to the world the truth is that finding good options are not really easy to get, and in most of them you have to pay a contribution for your own costs, but they might be very high sometimes. Despite this, the experience will be real and it will leave a deep print in your heart. It’s suggested to keep humility and be willing to learn.

Here you can see a list with different possibilities of volunteer opportunities near me, in many places around the world.

  • https://www.worldpackers.com/es/search is one of the best websites with a great variety of volunteers around the world where you can find different projects where you can participate and be part of some change. Here you can find from volunteering doing classes until some office work. The good thing is that you can volunteer programs in Africa or you can also be a volunteer in Europe. Example of this: receptionist, teach, work on social projects, among others.
  • www.seaturtles.org y www.cccturtle.org is perfect for you if you want to do a volunteer with animals. These two websites are specialized in volunteering to save sea turtles.
  • Taking care of elephants in Asia is also the dream of many of us, given the charismatic personality of these animals. There are a few countries where you can be a volunteer with elephants. The most recommended are elephantnaturepark.org in Thailand and Cambodia, wildlifesos.org in India.
  • https://wildlifeact.com/volunteer/ is also a website about volunteering with animals in Africa, specifically in South Africa and Seychelles. They have some good volunteer programs.

Traveling with a tent

It is always a good option to travel with a tent. It is not for every day if you do not want it, but having it will allow you to save some money since you will meet people who can give you space in their backyard to lift your tent. It’s easier too, contacting people on Couchsurfing if it’s just to let you set up your tent. Depending on where you go, there are campings with very good infrastructure, so it could be a good option even in adverse conditions such as rain, or other things. Finally, it allows you to sleep in amazing places.

Walking with a tent has opened me up the possibility of sleeping on several beaches, some national parks, or even in places where there is not a single person, in lots of kilometers around. The experience of traveling with a tent is magical and opens the door to many amazing experiences.

The only advice, when looking for a tent, don’t worry about the temperature it tolerates, (unless you obviously go somewhere very cold), since you can solve this problem in most places just with the sleeping bag. What you have to worry about is water resistance. There are tent options that are cheap, and that’s no problem, but look for some extra way to cover your tent in case it rains a lot.


While traveling, this issue is always one of the ones that use a bigger percent of our budget. There are places where the trains are cheaper and others where the buses are. Sometimes the planes have some good prices, even getting better prices than buses.

Another good advice is to find out about public transportation from and to the airport of your destiny. This, because in most of the countries taking a taxi from and to the airport is more expensive than it should be. The appearance of Uber and Grab in most of the big cities of the world help us a lot to avoid this kind of problem.

In case you are traveling to Europe, we recommend you to use buses instead of trains because it’s much cheaper. In the case of long distances, is more recommended to buy previously in low-cost airlines, in order to save some time. Related to líneas aéreas low cost by continent, it is recommended to travel light, ideally only with the carry on a backpack because these flights don’t include luggage and food in the price, so if you really want to save, this is something you should have in mind.

Some other Tips to Save Money in Transportation while you Travel

– Flixbus is a bus company in Europe. They travel around all of Europe from country to country at prices really convenient. The buses have internet inside, plugs among other facilities. You can download the app if you want to know more.

– Japan has a really good transportation system, but we recommend you to evaluate the types of cards existing for transportation. Among cities, the best option is the bullet train, but if you want to save some money, buses are cheaper.

  • For countries in South East Asia, and most of the countries in America (with the exception of the USA, Chile, Brasil, y Argentina), it is more convenient to get into the place and analyze your options there. In the countries we mentioned as an exception, the distances are longer and it’s probably cheaper to take a low-cost plane, buying the ticket previously.

Autostop o Hitchhiking.

In order to keep moving, we always have the upside finger that can take us wherever we want. There are some countries where it’s easier and some other where it’s more complicated. In some it can even be dangerous, so you have to study a little bit about your destination so you know if it’s easy, difficult or even dangerous. Even knowing that, and even though we are more careful, we have met some travelers who have traveled the whole world, in every continent, doing hitchhiking.

It’s not an easy thing, because sometimes you have to wait too long, so it gets boring, disappointing and tiring. But it will definitely fill you with stories to tell, you will meet great people and it will give you experiences that you will never forget. To be free and being able to go wherever you want simply thanks to the goodness of unknown people.

If you still have some doubts about hitchhiking, Here you can find a complete guide with everything you need to know about Hitchhiking.

How to Hitchhike – The best guide ever.

How to save on food while traveling?

In terms of food, depending on the place, maybe there is nothing cheaper and/or more comfortable than eating in a restaurant or street stall, but if you find yourself in a place where eating comes out very expensive, here we give you some recommendations:

  • Buy food in supermarkets, and cook for yourself. For this, we recommend you look for accommodation that has a kitchen, so you can cook in the mornings or afternoons and save a lot. Another option is to make a sandwich with things that you can buy at the supermarket or eating fruit. In general, you can do some really good sandwiches at very cheap prices.
  • In case it is not easy to get accommodation with a kitchen, we recommend bringing an electric stove. It weigh about 1 kg, and although they are uncomfortable to carry because of the size, it’s very useful and will allow you to save large amounts of money.

Other ways to save while traveling

Free Walking Tours

Although they are not literally free, you pay a voluntary amount at the end of the tour, so depending on the situation of each one and how you found the tour, each one decides the amount to give. This is quite common, so there are in many cities in the world, and they are a much more accessible option for those who do not have enough money to pay for a tour in each tourist attraction they arrive. They usually include an external walk through the most important part of each city.

They are highly recommended because when working with tips only, the guides strive to make those tips better.

To save while exchanging currency money

One of the details that sometimes we do not think about is the currency exchange. It is advisable to find out in advance the best options we have in relation to carrying money. Sometimes we can get a card that charges us a smaller commission. In some countries, it is very expensive to withdraw money from ATMs since they charge you a fairly high rate for withdrawing money from an international card. There are places where changing cash is very risky, and scams are common. The more information you have, the less suffering will your pocket have.

When crossing Borders

If you are traveling by land, it is mandatory to find out about the borders. Not in all, but in some countries there are countless cases of people who have been scammed at borders by the officers themselves who demand payments that do not apply (We have known cases in which officers do not stamp your passport on an out of the country trip so when you come back they force you to pay for something that they did not do well when you left the country earlier), so try to find out beforehand about what needs to be done and in case of any unreliable payment, asking for a receipt can be your way for not paying! It is also common to be charged higher rates than it should, that is why you should read on the internet about the experience of other travelers before crossing to avoid problems or at least to be prepared.

Some more Information about Traveling

Still have some questions? or do you have any suggestions? Contact us !

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