How to eat when traveling?

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Being aware and controlling what you eat when traveling is sometimes not so easy. Many times we are limited to eat what comes in the breakfast included with the hostel or hotel, and when moving, you may spend many hours without feeding yourself.

Why is it important?

Although within the experience of traveling, you have to take into account the experience of eating and knowing through the mouth senses the different places you are traveling, certain precautions should be taken. There is nothing more unpleasant when traveling than getting sick. You are far from your family, you are in a place that is not your home and many times the environmental conditions are rather uncomfortable, so avoid it at all costs. For this, it is necessary to understand that whenever we get sick, it is a consequence of the way we have fed ourselves. This is why we should always pay close attention to this point, but especially while traveling to make the most of our experience and not wasting time in bed. Here some tips!


A good way to clean your digestive system is to eat the fruit in the morning (on an empty stomach, since as it is digested faster than other foods, it must be eaten before anything else). Although the human being is a very different being from the rest of the animals on this planet, it has a digestive system very similar to animals such as a chimpanzee or an elephant, which is why it is considered a frugivorous animal.

Ideal food

Fruits are the ideal food for the human body and eating them in the morning helps your body to detoxify. Be careful that there are specialists who say that the mixture of fruits is not so good for the body. They recommend eating fruits in layers, that is, all apples first, then mangoes, and go from acidic to sweet fruits. Acidic fruits need certain gastric juices and processes different from those of sweet fruits, so it is recommended to avoid mixing this type of fruit. Eg: Banana-Orange.

This will help your body stay constantly clean, and thus the chance of getting sick will decrease.

  • Avoid Excess: Many times when we travel, we eat and take everything we find around us and this may have fatal consequences for our body. It is advisable to maintain some discretion when it comes to eating and drinking, in order to stay healthy.
  • Water: Although there are countries where the tap water is completely safe to drink, there are some in which it is not, so it is important to find out about this topic beforehand. In case it is not, you will have to consume bottled or perhaps boiled water. Keep in mind that since you cannot consume water, you should avoid SALADS (since they may have been washed with tap water), or even consume ice, without knowing where they come from. It is rare that by drinking bottled water you go out of budget, there are always economic options, so do it.

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