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How to Choose the Best Travel Insurance?

There are many travel insurance that is very good and that may have spectacular coverage, but because we do not try to sell any type of insurance here, we will emphasize how to avoid taking travel insurance that does not work at the end.

Choosing travel insurance in the past was quite easy. You had to compare the coverage values ​​in each of the categories and that was generally enough.

In this sense, it was only necessary to see if they included repatriation in case of death and if the amounts of coverage were sufficient for countries that require travel insurance, such as Europe for example, among other personal needs.

Travel Insurance, what to pay attention now…

Now, it is not only necessary to pay attention to this, since some new insurers have appeared, which show similar or superior coverage than other insurances, but with very specific coverage clauses. It’s so much that it seems that in the end, they do not cover anything.

Among the basic things to look at, are repatriation, which is basically the worst thing that can happen to you, that has a coverage of basic things like gastritis, which is the most common disease of travelers. Back pain, muscle injuries, among others.

How does the cheat of some Insurances work?

In the case of these insurers, for example, they show similar coverage than other insurances, but under the conditions, they limit any type of illness.

Common examples of conditions not included

There will be NO coverage in case of emergency, repatriation or medical consultations in case the diagnosis is among several other diseases:

  • Kidney stones or infections, heart attacks or cardiovascular diseases, migraines of any kind, BACK PAIN, reflux, facial paralysis, gastritis (one of the most common diseases when traveling), appendicitis, just to mention a few.

This means that even if you on ER for any of these diseases, and even if you have never had a symptom related to any of these (pre-existing) diseases if you get sick, they will clean their hands and not cover you.

By last,

It is important to consider the coverage region and limitations. Keep in mind that although most insurance does not cover the insured’s country of origin, there are some that do not cover from the country purchased either. This, especially for those who hire insurance and are living in another country, because insurance may not cover anything and they are paying for not knowing this.


It is an OBLIGATION, to read all the conditions of the insurance you want to purchase. Since otherwise, you will be scammed, and in a legal way, because, when contracting the insurance, you accept the conditions, although you have not had the possibility to read them previously.

Always seek opinions from other travelers. Get into groups of travelers in any destination on Facebook or in a forum, and ask. There will always be good Samaritans to advise you. But read the conditions anyway.

There are many insurers, but some are misleading. Be careful!

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