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Organize what we will do on the day or throughout our stay.

The first thing we need to do for this is to do a little analysis of the place or destination you are traveling to. For this, you get into Google, or on our page in the search engine above, or on TripAdvisor, and write “What to do in the city of *****?”.

When you do this, you will see a list with the attractions (Probably), or with blogs and travel pages that talk about the things you can do there. If you like any of these and it is within your budget, you can go to the next stage, which is marking it on the map.

organizar viajr

Mark the attractions we want to visit on our Map.

Although you can choose the maps application you prefer, we use, which is one of so many GPS maps applications that incredibly works even without internet connection, which is very comfortable when you travel to another country.

To get the most out of this, we need to work with this app on everything that follows, prior to arriving in the city, and/or running out of internet connection.

Step 1: Download the map and the App

In order for us to be able to walk around a city freely, even if we don’t have internet connection, we need to download the app first of all. If it works from the internet browser, it cannot be used without the internet, so we need to download the map application. After doing this, we need to download the map of the cities that we will visit. Whatever the application you chose to use, there will be a magnifying glass, and when you reach the destination, you should look to download the map. (If you use, just visiting the city automatically will download the map)

Step 2: Mark the attractions on the map

When you already know the attractions or places you want to visit in the city, what follows is to locate them on the map. With this, you will know how far you will be or you simply will have them located when you arrive. It will be much easier to organize everything while there.

As the map is already downloaded, we just need to put the attraction name in the magnifying glass. When you find them, you have to mark it with the “mark location” function, which is the star. As you do this, a red star will appear in the place, so even if you zoom out, it will still appear there.

We also recommend locating your accommodation, to see the distance from the place you want to go and to analyze the transfer options. In many places, applications like uber, grab and others work, so they can take you wherever you want and you will be sure that you are not being scammed.

If you need the cheapest possible option, you will have to find how to get from your hotel to the attraction you need by public transportation. It is possible to solve these doubts by writing directly to the hostel or accommodation where you will be staying.

It is also important to mark the location of the hostel or the place where you are staying in case you get lost or you don’t know where it is.

Why should we do this?

By doing so, it will be easier to put together a route in which we can travel the city more efficiently, allowing us to know what other attractions or things of interest are close to where we are or will be. You will realize that in many cases there are several things together so you can visit all those places at the same time, or maybe you can realize some place that is so far away that you cannot go.

After this, you just have to get to your destination and go out to discover the city!

We recommend you to have your phone charged, to be aware of the battery so that it lasts until you return o your accommodation. Or knowing how to return even if the cell phone is turned off, since many times when depending so much on the phone, we can end up having a bad time.

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