The picturesque city of Hoi An in Vietnam

Hoi An is a city that manages to gather different eras and cultures in one place. The center of the city is full of buildings, shops, pagodas and other surprises that you will love. Colored lamps, local markets, and its canals are other attractions in the city. A place to explore on foot, and enjoy all its sensations. There are national parks and beaches nearby, that if you dare to rent a motorcycle or hire a tour, you can go and enjoy it very much. It also stands out for the many shops for men’s and women’s suits made of silk and other custom fabrics, so if you like clothes and shopping, you will surely fall in love with this place.

Days to visit the beautiful city of Hoi An. If you do not have much time, I would recommend at least one or two days, so you can visit the night market, tour a little of the city and enjoy it in peace. If you want to go to the Cham Islands, you may stay there or you can also visit during a day, it is so beautiful that it is recommended to stay for a few more days. Also if you want to visit Da Nang, you will need an additional day.

Airport in Hoi An in Vietnam. The closest airport to Hoi An is Da nang Airport (DAD) which is 25 km away.

What to do in the Luminous City of Hoi An?

  • A walk through the old town of Hoi An. It is a historical point that stands out due to its importance as a commercial port. This led to a lot of foreign influence such as Chinese, Japanese, and even French. It not only gives the city a cosmopolitan design, but also an ancient tone due to how well preserved most of the buildings are. The Japanese bridge is a must-see photo when touring the city. * Most of the monuments scattered around the city can be accessed. Some are free and others you have to pay, but they sell packages that include various attractions for you to visit.
  • Night Market and the city at night. When the sun takes the heat away, the magic of this place is turned on. The lamps turn-on, the night market venues open and next to the restaurants they come to life, the boat rides illuminate the canals and it’s full of people everywhere. Without a doubt, a unique experience that will make you appreciate and enjoy this Hoi An.
  • Visit its beaches. Although they do not stand out as one of the best beaches in the world, it never hurts to get to know this other side of the place, and at the same time connect with the sand, the wind, and the sea. Circular boats stand out like something from Vietnam although they are originally from Wales.
  • Visit the Danang pagodas and bridges. Without a doubt, Danang is a city that should be visited. Its bridges stand out as great engineering works, its beautiful pagodas, the marble mountains, and the famous Danang Bridge of the hands in Vietnam, in the Ba Na Hills, in a gigantic park. The entrance is expensive, and in general, there are always a lot of people, but it is definitely a unique place in the world.
  • Visit the Cham Islands. There is a group of 8 islands located about 15 km away from Hoi An. They stand out as one of the best beach destinations in all of Vietnam. They are ideal to know the marine life of the place and to enjoy its waters and beautiful beaches. If you enjoy the beach, it is a place that you should definitely visit.
  • To take a boat ride on the Thu Bon river. From the city you can arrange some trips on fishing boats, or small boats so that you know a little more about the place from another perspective and at the same time so that you can appreciate other aspects of local life and Hoi An.
  • Take one of the many local cooking courses taught here.

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