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Autostop, or to Hitch Hike.

If you ever wondered how to hitchhike, this is the place you need to be.

The auto stop, or hitchhiking, is the art of moving through people’s goodwill. Basically one chooses a good place to wait, and with only one finger up, and perhaps a sign that says where you are going, some good human being will stop and take you, on a journey where more than one story will come out. We have done quite a hitchhiking throughout our trips, although it has never been the main way of moving. Each time we have done so, an interesting story to tell has come out.

Like everyone else, if you’ve never done it and it’s your first time doing hitchhiking, you must be afraid to make a finger that we all have. It is normal, but it is something we must overcome to achieve our goal. The main tip is that you beat it and just do it! but here we give some tips and other things that can be useful for you to feel more secure.

The reasons that a person may have to stop can be many, perhaps because in the youth they traveled hitchhiking, or because they simply call your attention and you just want to know a little more about you, so make sure that you make the trip more enjoyable, and maybe talkative. Ask, and respect. Maybe someone who doesn’t like to talk can stop you, and that’s fine too.

Hitchhiking tips.

Here is a list of the best tips to make a finger correctly.

  • Choose routes with more traffic. Although it seems obvious, if cars do not pass, they will not take you. The more options there are, the better for you. It is important that you choose a place where you feel comfortable for perhaps a long time, so if it is hot, look for a shadow, if it is raining, seek to cover yourself with an umbrella or whatever you find, since nobody will stop you if you are wet, As bad as they may feel for you. Maybe you will have to walk to find the perfect place, but you must do it.
  • Travel without much luggage. If you are one of those who walk with giant backpacks or a lot of luggage, it may be a problem since there is perhaps room for you and not for luggage, so the smaller the bulge you are with, the better.
  • Use a good map. It is important that you always know where you are and where you are going, that is why it is essential that you go with your cell phone loaded, with the downloaded maps and that everything is working so that you do not have problems.
  • Choose the right place to wait. Never put yourself after a bend or a place where an accident can occur. Cars need to see you in advance, think about if they are taking you and have a place to stop, so look for places where they have enough time to see you, can make the decision of whether or not taking you, and that they can stop without causing an accident. The faster the car is coming, the more space you need to stop, so keep this in mind.
  • Carry signs with you. Whenever you carry a sign, you will have to wait for less time to be taken. The driver who sees a destination through which he actually is going to will feel more responsible for taking you than someone who does not know where you are going. Use large letters, so that people are able to read it from distance. Remember that many people do not even have good eyesight.
  • Keep a positive attitude at all times, and don’t forget to smile. The first impression comes through the view, so if you look relaxed and smiling you will generate much more empathy in the drivers than if you look serious and depressed. Sometimes it can be difficult to wait for the weather or because you had no luck in a long time, but calm down, it will come. If you are with more people, dance and try to get the attention, so the drivers will laugh and you will finally have more luck. Sometimes it can be frustrating to be waiting for hours, but you must beat the frustration.
  • Be flexible and have a plan b. This is something that depends 100 % on others, makes it impossible for you to control everything, so although you can have a goal in distance, do not get so attached to it, because otherwise, you will start to get frustrated, and that will make you wait even longer . In addition, it is common that there are setbacks or problems, so we should be able to change our plans if necessary.
  • Make eye contact. Hitch Hiking has everything to do with connecting with people, so the first thing you should do is to make eye contact so they can connect with you through the look, so if you have glasses do not leave them on, and if you have a hat, lift it up in order to make your face look clear. If you do this, you have double the chances of being stopped.
  • Gas stations. In some places, especially in bigger cities, it is very difficult to find a place to stop cars, or it can even be illegal. In these cases, it is better to do so through gasoline stations, so you do not have problems.

In the car. What to do?

When you were lucky with the ride and a car stopped, it is the moment where all your social talent should come out. At first, a simple “thank you for taking me, it’s very kind of you, I’ve been waiting a long time”, and give a few seconds to wait to see if the person starts the conversation. Perhaps he is not a very communicative person and will not speak much, but it is never too much to have any open questions prepared to expedite the conversation. Obviously, try not to talk about politics and religion, since they are very dense topics, where people usually have clear opinions, and where nothing good can come from there. It may be the case that the driver insists on the subject, and if so try to show yourself as a person not so informed perhaps, or with a not so clear position, unless you want to risk that they may drop you anywhere in the road.

Observe the car, you can usually see something that gives you a sign of what the driver might like, such as a hanging surfboard or anything else, you can immediately ask if he surfs. Examples of questions can be. Where are you going? what’s your name? where are you coming from? Do you have children? What is your job? How much time have you spent doing that? How about the car, have you had any problem?

Hitchhiking Safe

In general, there should not be very big problems in relation to how to hitchhike safely, rarely something bad happens. So if you want to take extra precautions it can be to wear reflective clothing, choose very well the places to make a finger, and if you have any doubt about the person who stopped as if it does not give you confidence, or even if he or she is driving at high speed or you realize that the driver smells to alcohol, or something like that, you can always tell him that it is not necessary, to stop or whatever. In general they are friendly people, so there will be no problem if you say no.

Another way to make the driver stop it without being offensive is to say that you feel sick, that you feel you are going to vomit or something like that. Anyway, this is a very unusual situation, so you should not worry much about that.

If for some reason you do not want to stop and want to continue the journey, you can send a message to a friend with the license plate of the car and where you are going, in case there is a problem, that someone has some information.

If you still need some more information, you can go to https://hitchwiki.org/

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