Bahia de Guanaqueros

Travel to the smalls towns of Guanaqueros and Tongoy, in Chile

Small Towns that encloses a picturesque way of life. With pleasant beaches, this beautiful place attracts tourists who want to get away from the crowds and just to be calm.

Bahia de Guanaqueros

There are fewer and fewer places where we can enjoy areas where the local presence can be perceived, that’s why these small towns are a real treasure.

Best Time to travel to the towns of Guanaqueros, and Tongoy. The weather is nice but a little cold, usually cloudy in the morning, and with some clear days in the afternoon. The average in Summer (December to March) is 24 ° C, and the average in winter 17 ° (May to August).

How many Days to visit the small towns of Guanaqueros, and Tongoy. One day should be enough to tour these small towns if you own a car, otherwise, you will probably need an extra day. They are two towns that invite you to rest and disconnect, which is why you can probably enjoy it for several days.

The airport in the small towns of Guanaqueros and Tongoy. There is no airport in these small towns, but there is an airport just outside La Serena. To get to one of these cities, you will have to take a transfer or taxi to the La Serena bus terminal, and from there you will have to take a bus to any of these destinations,

What to do or what to visit in Guanaqueros and Tongoy?

  • Enjoy its beaches. Each of these towns stands out precisely for their natural landscapes and beaches. Among the best beaches, we can say Guanaqueros Beach, Morrillos Beach, Socos Beach, Long Beach in Tongoy.
  • Wetlands. Another natural aspect that stands out in these towns is the wetlands. Especially to observe birds, free animals, and native plants of the area. Among the best known are the “Pachingo Wetland” and the “Salinas Grande Wetland”, near Tongoy.
  • La Virgen Hill Viewpoint. If climbing hills and seeing the city from above attracts you, you have to visit this place in Tongoy. Special to connect with yourself, and disconnect from everything else.

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