Traveling to the city of Ghent in Belgium

It is an amazing city. We got there on the recommendation of a Belgian and it was the best we could do. A big city, that makes you vibrate with its architecture and magic. As in all Belgium, you can also try here the famous French fries, chocolate, and beer.

An invitation to walk and get lost discovering castles and historical buildings that are well maintained despite being one of the oldest cities in the country.

Because it is one of the cities in Belgium where you can get cheaper accommodation, we recommend it to make a base here and travel to nearby cities.

Best Time to Travel to Ghent. If you are not a lover of snow and cold, we would probably recommend you from April to September for your trip to Ghent, since the weather is warmer, sunny and it is never so hot to make it unpleasant.

Days to visit the city of Ghent. This is a very large city, but one day it should be enough to know most of the city.

Airport to the city of Ghent. The city of Ghent does not have an airport, so you must get to Brussels and from there take a train or bus to the city of Ghent. With flixbus (a cheap bus company), you can take the bus from the airport directly to the city you want to go to.

What to do or what to visit in the city of Ghent?

  • Gravensteen. A 10th-century castle. It’s truly impressive. Seeing it there, in the middle of the developed city is something amazing. You will feel like you are in the middle of a fairy tale.
  • Ghent bell tower. A medieval tower in the old town of Ghent. Admiring its greatness and details is a must-do if you are in Ghent.
  • Church of San Nicolás. An impressive church, which is also worth admiring.
  • San Miguel Bridge. The most famous bridge in Ghent. In addition to being very photogenic, from it, you have beautiful views of other buildings in the city.
  • Graffiti Street. A street, full of graffiti everywhere, a place that you should definitely visit. Full of colors, It’s very nice.
  • Graslei. Pier of the historic city center.
  • Try a beer. Beyond a place that we can recommend, we invite you to get lost, get carried away by the senses and maybe even taste new beers, in one of the places where there are best beers in the world.
  • Eat French Fries and chocolate. Another thing you can do anywhere in Belgium is this. While France takes credit for French fries, in Belgium they are famous for selling it as a snack, on the street, without having to be on a plate like It’s in France. About chocolate, you are not every day in Belgium. Eat some waffles, add chocolate, and be happy.

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