Tikal Guatemala

Travel to the city or Isla de Flores, in Guatemala

A small but picturesque place that serves as a base to explore the Mayan archaeological areas of Tikal and/or Yaxha. It is located on Lake Petén Itza and offers a welcoming experience to tourists. There are places to eat on some shores of the lake and various craft shops.

Santa Elena is what is outside the island. It is likely that cheaper accommodations can be found here.

Best Time to travel to Flores. From May to October the rainy season occurs so it is more likely to happen if you travel on those dates. The temperatures are always pleasant, but the rains can ruin your plans some days, so if you are in a hurry, you can feel disappointed.

How many Days to visit the city of Flores. To visit flores and Santa Elena itself, with one day is enough, but you will need additional days to go to Tikal, Yaxhá, and visit the caves nearby. In Yaxhá it is allowed to camp paying the entrance.

Airport in the city of Flores. Probably the cheapest way to visit Flores is to get to Guatemala City and then take a bus here, but there is an airport in Santa Elena. You will have to take a tuctuc or taxi, but it should not cost much since the airport is only 3 kms away.

What to do or what to visit in the city of Flores?

  • Tika. An ancient Mayan city and the oldest national park in Guatemala. It has 9 pyramid complexes. Construction is said to have begun in the late 3rd century and the last in the 9th century.
Tikal Guatemala
  • Yaxhá. This is another Mayan city, much less explored and gigantic. The best thing is that since it is not that well known, very few people visit it, and there are many more freedoms than in Tikal. You can camp in this place since they have special sectors with nice roofs for that.
  • Walk around Lake Petén Itza. In the afternoons, when the sun goes down the sky gives you unique landscapes. Being in that lake, with the mountains in the background, makes the ride something very pleasant.
  • Actun Kan Caves. If you not only like caves but also, observing stalactites, you should take a tour of this place, which is also quite close to Flores.

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