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** Given the contingency and the serious crisis that the air tourism sector is experiencing, it is possible that everything written below will change. Some countries are talking about many years of closed borders, It’s being an issue the social distancing in airplanes, which would imply fewer people per ship and with that much higher prices, and other measures, so it is likely that when the world came out of this crisis, planes industry will change a lot.

Flight Tickets

Because flights are one of the biggest expenses when planning a trip, we have made this complete guide with all the information available to find cheap flights.

  • Remember to do any search in “incognito mode”, because most pages can save information about your searches, which allows them to use certain persuasion techniques to buy faster, such as raising the price compared to the first time You saw, which anguishes you, makes you think that they will continue to rise, so you end up buying at a higher price and hurriedly. * That the price trend is high is something that can happen obviously, but not always!

Cheap Flight Tickets

If what you want is to get the cheapest tickets, here we will show you all the ways that we know and that probably exist so that you can get the cheapest tickets possible. This will help you to make your trips longer, to have more to eat or drink at your destination or simply to save some money.

Low-Cost Flights

Probably the first advice we should give you is that you use cheap low-cost flights. They are flights where you pay for what you want separately (seat choice, large checked bag, food, etc.), this makes you able to find flights at very cheap prices. The only thing they should remember is that to make trips on low-cost airlines and to buy them really cheap, you must travel with hand luggage, that means, a suitcase of fewer than 7 kgs, and that they do not carry any of the elements prohibited in an airplane cabin.

Here we include a list with the main low-cost airlines or the cheapest airlines in the market so you can find your flights at the best price.

Some of the companies mentioned do not appear in the flight search engines, so it is possible to find a cheaper flight by going directly to one of the pages of each low-cost airline directly.

Airplane Flight Tracking or Flight Alert

The second tip to get cheap plane tickets is to track flights. This means activating price alerts. This can be done directly on the pages of each airline, or on pages of search engines or flight comparators.

Normally from the first time we think about traveling until we finally do it, a lot of time goes by, so use it to wait for the best perfect time to buy your cheap plane tickets. The more time you have to do your trip, the more chances you have to find flight deals and finally buy cheap tickets.

Flights Comparator

The best way to find cheap flights is through a flight comparator. These platforms help you compare the prices of most existing airlines.

There are many, so we will make a small list of the best.

  • Google flight search, is perhaps the best search engine for comparing different flights available. It is very friendly to use the platform and it is able to show you prices per place on a map that includes virtually all destinations and that if it does not include them, you can zoom in or just write the destination to include. We like it a lot, since in addition to selecting a destination, it shows you on the one hand, if the price is good in relation to the same month of the previous year, which allows you to know if prices can go down and it is worth waiting for or if it is better to buy now! On the other hand, by selecting the dates, you can see the prices of every day of each month, which allows you to find the cheapest flights of the month.
  • is another cheap flight search engine, very similar to the Google tool, also very easy to use, with practically the same tools. The different thing about this cheap flight comparator is that you buy the tickets directly, which gives you some guarantee in case the flights are canceled or delayed.
  • Other options for cheap flight search engines, momondo, They all work in a similar way, where you can not only use it as a flight comparator, but also packages, car rentals, accommodations, and more.

Flights Error Fares.

The error fares, occur either because of a mistake from the administrator of the page or perhaps as a result of automation systems, which finally publish super cheap flight prices, much more than they would normally cost. And as good travelers looking for cheap flight tickets, we can take advantage of these mistakes.

These errors can last from minutes to days, so you have to be vigilant if we want to find cheap air travel.

Within the best pages to find these errors, they are: , , or follow us on instagram, in @travelintravelout.

It is important to know that sometimes, after making the purchase, companies cancel these tickets, so it is advisable to wait for a confirmation email, so you can be sure before buying the rest of the trip. In case this happens, you can always claim that you already have the whole package purchased and maybe you will get it respected anyway, but it’s not an exact science. Sometimes they respect, sometimes they don’t.

Flights Routes.

Among the most important information when looking for cheap flights, they are taking into account the cheapest flight routes to cross continents, or long distances, which allows you to include destinations in your trip, or simply buy your tickets cheaper.

FromToPrice (from) in US$
Sydney (Australia)Singapore$130
Sydney (Australia)Frankfurt (Germany)$400
Sydney (Australia)Honolulu (Hawaii)$200
Sydney, Cairns,
Denpasar (Indonesia)$150
Sydney, Cairns,
Tokyo (Japan)$230
Tokyo (Japan)Seul (South Korea)$50
Kuala Lumpur
Pekin (China)$120
Kuala Lumpur
Hong Kong$70
Kuala Lumpur
Borneo (Malaysia)$30
Kuala Lumpur
London (England)$250
Dusseldorf (Germany)$250
London (England) $250
Oslo (Norway)$200
Sydney (Australia)Nadi (Fiji)$150
(New Zealand)
Nadi (Fiji)$150
(New Zealand)
Apia (Samoa)$170
(New Zealand)
(French Polinesia)
(New Zealand)
Tahiti (French Polinesia) $250
SingaporeManila, Cebu (The Philippines)$70
SingaporeNew Delhi (India)$100
Dubai (UAE)Manila, Cebu (The Philippines) $170
Dubai (UAE) Bangkok (Thailand)$200
Dubai (UAE) Budapest (Hungary)$100
Dubai (UAE)Moscú (Russia)$100
Dubai (UAE) Colombo (Sri Lanka)$150
El cairo (Egypt)$200
Honolulu (USA)Los Angeles (USA) $180
Miami (USA) Los Angeles (USA) $110
Miami (USA) London
New York (USA) London
Lima (Peru)Miami (USA) $260
Santiago (Chile)Rio du Janeiro (Brasil)$120
Sao Paulo (Brasil)Rome (Italy)$330
Sao Paulo (Brasil) Johannesburg
Buenos Aires
Tel Aviv (Israel)$470
Barcelona (Spain)Tel Aviv (Israel)$100
Moscow, RussiaNew Delhi (India)$190
Moscow, Russia Barcelona (Spain) $80
Moscow, Russia Istanbul, (Turkey)$60
Istanbul, (Turkey) Amsterdam, Holland$80
Johannesburg (South Africa)Phuket (Thailand)$330
Johannesburg (South Africa)El Cairo (Egypt)$260
Johannesburg (South Africa)Rome (Italy)$330
Johannesburg (South Africa)Sydney (Australia)$520

With this list of cheap tickets, you have everything you need to organize your trip the way you want, including destinations paying very little, and taking advantage of routes and destinations to save even more on your tickets.

Safe trip everyone!

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