Amsterdam Holanda

Traveling to the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands

A unique city, full of canals that exalt the beauty of the old and stone buildings of the city.

Experiences in altering perception, legal use of marijuana, and places like the red light district make this city a hidden treasure of the world for freedom lovers. A place to do practically everything, and legally.

Best Time to Travel to Amsterdam. If you are not a lover of the cold, we would probably recommend you from April to September for your trip to Amsterdam, since the weather is much more pleasant.

Days to visit the city of Amsterdam. 1 or 2 days should be enough, although depending on the experiences you want to have in the city, you may need more days. For tours and things like that, you will obviously need more time.

From the Airport to the city in Amsterdam. One of the most important airports in Europe. It’s located just over 15 km away from the city. You can get to the city by bus, train or taxi.

What to do or what to visit in the city of Amsterdam?

  • Canals of Amsterdam. Symbol of this city along with its “floating houses”. About 100 km is the length of the channels; strolling along the shore of these, crossing its various bridges, and sailing by boat around here will make your visit an unforgettable moment.
  • Dam Square. Center and heart of Amsterdam. Here you can find important monuments and a very pleasant atmosphere.
  • Coffee shops. Something that is also characteristic of this city is that the purchase and consumption of marijuana is legal, and it is precisely in these places (coffeeshops) where you can share and enjoy a varied offer of it. Around the city, you will find many of these stores.
  • Anne Frank’s House. It’s a museum located in a nice neighborhood in this city. A place that undoubtedly turns out to be very moving. In this house, it is where Anna and her family hide for 2 years from the Nazis, and everything related in the famous book “The Diary of Anne Frank” happens. It is recommended to obtain the tickets in advance online.
  • Red Light District. Showcases with red lights where prostitutes offer their services in a completely legal, organized, and supervised way (they even pay taxes like any worker in this city). This neighborhood is in the center of this city that also has a lively nightlife and shops of all kinds.
  • Van Gogh Museum. Here you can find the most complete sample of the works of this important and admired artist.
  • Oudekerk. Curiously located in the red light district, you can find this “old church” that is currently the oldest building in this city and that offers incredible infrastructure.
  • Heineken Experience. It’s a museum that is inside the first factory that used this brand of beer to create its products. Through entertaining activities, you will learn everything about its history and production.
  • Bloemenmarkt. The famous flower floating market, It has a great historical load and where you can see the largest variety of tulips, which is the most popular flower here.
  • Vondelpark. Great park where you can enjoy its green areas, rivers, lakes, and nature in all its forms. A touristic place where you can find different artistic expressions and even share in various cafes or restaurants.

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