Valle del elqui La Serena

Travel to the Elqui Valley and Vicuña, in Chile

A place famous for knowing how to mix the vineyards of pisco producers and to keep tourism alive. An area to enter into deep and sometimes spiritual contact with the mountains, the sky, and the river.

Valle del elqui La Serena

When traveling from La Serena or Coquimbo, you can see the Puclaro reservoir, which serves as the perfect destination for water sports. While here, you can also visit the picturesque city of Vicuña, the birthplace of the Chilean winner of the Nobel Prize for literature, Gabriela Mistral.

Best Time to travel to the Elqui Valley and Vicuña. The climate is pleasant throughout the year. It practically does not rain, but temperatures drop considerably in winter. The warmest months are between September and April. The high season occurs in January and February.

How many Days to visit the Elqui Valley and Vicuña. Two or three days should be enough to explore the area if you have a car, but the magic of the place occurs when you disconnect and let yourself be carried away by the nature present in the place. An invitation to stay for several days, just disconnecting,

The airport in the Elqui Valley and Vicuña. There is no airport here, but there is an airport just outside La Serena. To get to the Elqui Valley or Vicuña, you will have to take a transfer or taxi to the La Serena terminal, and from there you will have to take a bus that will drop you to Vicuña or the Elqui Valley.

What to do or what to visit in the Elqui Valley and Vicuña?

  • Pisco route. In this area, Pisco production is typical. You can visit the Capel pisquera (which includes Alto del Carmen), mistral, the niches, among others more artisan and less know brands.
  • Puclaro Reservoir. One of the most important reservoirs in the area. In addition to incredible views of the lake, it is allowed to do water sports, and enjoy its waters.
  • Mamalluca Observatory. The skies of the interior of the IV region are one of the clearest in the world. 360 days a year it is clear, which makes it perfect for stargazing. This is why there are several observatories in the area, where the Tololo observatory stands out as one of the main ones. The Mamalluca observatory, on the other hand, is an observatory for tourists, so in addition to observing the stars, there is a guide accompanying and explaining each experience. See shooting stars with ease, and look at the moon or Saturn from a different perspective.
  • Gabriela Mistral Museum. A museum that seeks to immortalize the life and work of the Chilean poet. An essential place if you travel to Vicuña.
  • Camping Río Mágico (Magical River). One of the most famous campsites in the area, it gathers many travelers every summer who travel with their tent and who want to spend a few days of relaxation and enjoying the firezone. The perfect place to enjoy the river and the benefits of nature.

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