Traveling to the City of Dubrovnik in Croatia

I don’t know if there is another city like this in the world, but it is very impressive. The old town makes you feel like you are in the middle ages. The streets and stone buildings are a delight to behold. It has very good viewpoints and pleasant beaches.


This city is internationally recognized because the famous television series Game of Thrones was filmed here.

Best Time to Travel to Dubrovnik. From April to October is where there is better weather. It is hotter so you can enjoy the beaches.

Days to tour the city of Dubrovnik. At least we would say two days since with one you would be in a hurry all the time. Although it is a cruise stop, so probable in one day you can appreciate the city at least, although it is exhausting. Three days is ideal.

Airport in the city of Dubrovnik. It is located just over 20 kms from the city. You can take a bus that takes you directly to the city or you can also take a taxi. The bus is about 6 euros, while the taxi about 40 euros.

What to do or visit in the city of Dubrovnik?

  • Tour the historic center and the walled city. It is probably the most impressive thing about Dubrovnik and the reason why you are here. If you enter the wall, you will see the city from different angles. It’s a little expensive, but it’s worth it.
  • Monte Srdj Lookout. Without a doubt, the best viewpoint in the city.
  • Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. It is probably the most remarkable building in the city, but not the only one. You can also visit the Sponza Palace, the Rector’s Palace, the Great Onofrio Fountain, and the San Blas Church.
  • Tour its beaches. They are incredible. The most famous is Banje Beach, but there are several that you can discover if you walk along the coast.
  • Lokrum Island. If you found that Dubrovnik had a very hectic life and you need something calmer. This is the island you have to go to. It is the city of Quarth in Game of Thrones.
  • Get lost in its streets. Although it is probably inevitable, it is something you should enjoy. Rather than getting somewhere, enjoy the road.
  • Korkula Island. It’s a famous Island because it’s the place where Marco Polo was born. Certainly, it has exceptional beauty. It is also famous for its good wines.

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