Viajar a costa rica

Costa Rica Tourism

Costa Rica is probably one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. It has paradise beaches, jungles full of animals, and very friendly and attentive people. Spectacular to enjoy Canopy, long walks along with one of its many national parks.

One of the main dishes of this country is the possibility of seeing animals in their wild environment. A country with a lot of environmental awareness appears as the most environmentally conscious country in America.

Capital of Costa Rica: San José.

Internet Connection in Costa Rica: Internet connection is pretty good in almost the whole country, but quality varies by region.

Security in Costa Rica: A generally safe country, but certain precautions must be maintained. Be especially careful in places with many people or far from people.

Drinking-Water in Costa Rica: One of the few countries in America where you can drink tap water safely.

Entry requirements for Costa Rica: In general terms, with a passport is sufficient for most countries. Remember to carry a departure ticket at the time of entry into the country.

The official currency of Costa Rica: Costa Rican Colon.

The official language of Costa Rica: Spanish

Best time to travel to Costa Rica: In general in Costa Rica the weather is pleasant all year. But from December to April, it is the dry season, so you won’t have problems with the rain.

Typical Costa Rican food: Casado, Pork Tamale, Stuffed Chile, Chifrijo.

Moving between cities: In general there are ways to get everywhere in Costa Rica by bus, but transport is concentrated in San Jose, which makes certain routes become very long and exhausting because you always have to come back to San Jose, especially because the quality of some of the roads is not of the best.

Recommended cities: San Jose, La fortuna, Tamarindo, Manuel Antonio Park, Puerto Viejo, BETWEEN JUNE AND SEPTEMBER IN TORTUGUERO, Poas volcano, Corcovado National Park, Monte Verde, Montezuma.

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