San Pedro de Atacama

Chile Tourism

Discovering the tourist places in Chile is something we would recommend to any traveler. A long country, with impressive tourist places like San Pedro de Atacama in the north, Torres del Paine in the South and Easter Island in its island territory. A country that is capable of making fall in love to even the pickiest of travelers.

Recognized as one of the best adventure tourism destinations in the world, it reveals the boldness of a country that appears as the most stable in the region and is capable of delivering to the traveler everything necessary for their comfort.

In terms of budgets, it is somewhat more expensive than its South American neighbors, but it is amazing how easy it is to travel its corners. They are long distances, so good planning or time availability is suggested.

Capital of Chile: Santiago.

Internet Connection in Chile: the Internet is very good. Unless you get too away from cities.

Security in Chile: A safe country, although care is suggested especially in places where there are crowds of people. Chilean police stand out as the least corrupt in the continent.

Potable Water in Chile: Drinking water from the tap in the whole country. Quality is not really good, so bottled water is recommended.

Entry requirements to travel to Chile: Passport, exit ticket and be able to demonstrate economic solvency. Cuba, Venezuela and some other countries that do not maintain diplomatic agreements must apply for a special Visa from the consulate.

The currency of Chile: Chilean Peso.

Language in Chile: Spanish

The best time to travel to Chile: From September to March is the summer so especially in the south, you will avoid the cold winter. High season January and February. If you are looking for winter sports or you just enjoy cold weather, the winter is from June to August.

Typical food in Chile: Italian hot dog, Pastel de Choclo, Empanada de pino.

Move between cities: In the capital, it is necessary to have a card to take public transport, it is bought at all metro stations. In the cities there is very good local public transportation, and to travel between cities, there are buses that connect all of Chile, there are cheap flights for the longest distances (Sky airlines and Latam).

Recommended cities to travel in Chile: Iquique, San Pedro de Atacama, La Serena, Elqui Valley, Valparaíso, Cajon del Maipo, Santiago, Pucón, Valdivia, Puerto Varas, Chiloé, Puerto Williams, Punta Arenas, Torres del Paine. Easter Island.

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