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Cat Ba Island, Halong Bay, one of the hidden treasures of Vietnam

We really loved Cat Ba Island. The main thing you can do here is to can take a boat trip around Halong Bay, which is a place that we believe everyone should know once in a lifetime. It is impressive, very beautiful. Admiring its islets and enjoying the water is something that must be done if you are coming here. The island stands out for its beautiful landscapes, great gastronomic offer and pleasant beaches to enjoy. We recommend renting a motorcycle and touring the wonders of the island, with the freedom that a vehicle brings. * Difficulty for the bike is very low.

Recommended days to visit Cat Ba Island. Four days should be more than enough to do everything. One or two to do the boat tour around Halong Bay, which is the minimum, another day to visit around the island, the national park and the hospital cave, and another if you want to visit the beaches or the monkey island. In general, tours can be hired at the hotel or at any of the agencies in the city center. Quoting is recommended.

Airport in Cat Ba Island, There is no airport on the island, but there is one in Hai Phong, which is less than an hour from Cat Ba making it quite comfortable. It is also possible to get here from Hanoi, but the trip could take between 3 and 4 hours.

What to do on Cat Ba Island in Vietnam.

  • As I said before, Touring around Halong Bay is obviously one of the things to do as it is a unique place in the world that you should visit when coming to Cat Ba Island.
  • Simply touring the island on a motorcycle is one of the things that we recommend, watching the people on the way, the beautiful landscapes that seem to have come from Avatar. It’s very recommended, especially for the low difficulty if you are not an experienced driver.
  • The Cat Ba National Park is one of the recommended ones as well, you can make several excursions around the park that covers a large part of the island. Within the park, the visit to Lake Ech stands out.
  • Enjoy some of the Cat Ba beaches. They are quite nice and I really enjoyed the waves, and the views you find when walking on the trails. Which are also highly recommended.
  • Eating in one of the floating restaurants, or in some other restaurant in the city. For the lovers of seafood, it is a true oasis, full of options. For those vegetarians, there are also very good options available around.
  • Cave Hospital or Quang Y Cave is another of the recommended attractions of this place since it functioned as a hospital in times of the Vietnam War, which allows you to understand more about this period and how they lived and felt the war in this area of ​​the country. If you are interested in historical places or want to know more about the war, we also recommend the strong Canon that was used to defend itself in the times of the American war as they call it.

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