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What to take in the carry-on luggage?

Knowing what to carry and not carrying in your handbag is essential. Many times we find ourselves in the awkward situation of having to throw something valuable, simply because we don’t have clear rules.

Maleta de mano

What is NOT allowed in your carry on luggage?

Any liquid with more than 100 ml will be taken away from you, so keep in mind deodorants, shampoos, perfumes or anything you don’t want to be taken away. On the other hand, any type of knife or item that can be considered sharps, such as scissors or nail clippers, since it is strictly prohibited and will make you throw it away.

So what is allowed to carry in hand luggage?

First of all, travel documents such as tickets, reservations, passport; are basic and can not be missed.

Clothes and Toothbrush

Secondly, and although in general, I don’t like to think about negative things, you have to keep in mind that sometimes the luggage does not arrive and you have to wait a few hours or sometimes days to recover it. So, you have to be cautious about this possibility.

Medicines and objects that are vital to your daily life

If you need any medication that you cannot stop using, it is also recommended to take it with you. Also consider the cards, money and chargers of your mobile, in case you can not live without the cell phone.


Anything else you may need to entertain yourself or to have a more comfortable trip, such as magazines or books, iPad, pillow, basic makeup, comb, chewing gum, cream, headphones, some food, and a light coat.

Finally, don’t forget to find out about the plugs in your destination. If you need an adapter, you can buy it in advance, at any airport upon arrival or at any supermarket in the city of destination.

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