If we could have such an amazing vacation in Cancun traveling at a backpacking price, you can do it too! – And here we tell you!

Cancun is not one of the cheapest destinations to travel, but it is a destination that deserves to spend a little more due to the impressive attractions and places you can find throughout Quintana Roo Mexico.

In order to save in Cancun Mexico, you must follow these tips:

1. Travel in low season:

If you travel between January and March, and between after Easter and June, you will find the low season of Cancun. Although it is not empty precisely, you can get much better deals in terms of accommodation and attractions, which will allow you to save a lot.

2. Buy flights separately.

Many times for not complicating ourselves, we make the decision of buying a tourist package, with flights and hotels included, but if you plan it separately you can save a lot. In relation to the flight, through flight search engines such as Google, e-dreams, among others, you can see the different options that exist in the market. The higher the search anticipation of your ticket is, the cheaper you can get it.

3. Save on Accommodation.

Cancun is divided into two, the Cancun hotel zone, and the city, where most people live. If instead of staying in the hotel zone you stay in the city, you can access to much cheaper hotels. In booking.com and Airbnb you can easily find accommodation in a private double room from 20 USD. And if you are willing to sleep anywhere, there are from 7 USD per person. If you are willing to spend but want some balance, I would recommend that you choose a few days at the beginning to stay in cheap places where you can simply sleep, while doing all the attractions since many of them are all-inclusive (food and drinks included), and then have a few days in a more expensive hotel, meters from the beach with all the luxuries you want.

4. Save on transportation.

Avoid taxis, since the distances are very long, which makes the prices per trip more expensive (at least during the day). Public transport buses are very comfortable, with a / c, they pass regularly and leave less than a dollar per way.

5. Save in souveniers.

Cancun is full of souvenir shops where people sell at very high prices. The cheap option that we recommend is supermarkets. Big supermarket brands such as Wallmart, Selecto chedraui and others have a variety of very nice souvenirs, of good quality, and for less than 1 USD.

6. Save in Food

If you are going to eat at any of the restaurants that exist in the hotel zone, the bill will be very high. If you cook yourself or eat in places where people who live there eat, like in the Park of the Palapas, you will eat as a king, local products and at very low prices.

7. Attractions.

This is the topic where it is more difficult to save, although not impossible! The options that exist and the level of attraction that you are going to find in Cancun are such that everything you pay for sure will be worth it. To save, the best advice we can give you is first to find out about the activities you want to do, and when you are in the center of the hotel zone, where is the coco bongo and the other pubs, ask in different places for all activities that you want to do separately so you have an idea of ​​the prices.

The best thing to do is to buy everything in only one place since there you will have more bargaining power and you will get a better discount. Find out the prices separately since it is common that they lower you a lot of one, and the other they sell you very expensive.

The best of most of the attractions on the Mayan Riviera is that they include lunch, a snack and in some cases they are all-inclusive of food and drinks. If you are going to the Xcaret and Xel-ha parks, to the ruins of Tulum and akumal, and to the island of Cozumel, it is advisable to stay in Playa del Carmen, since the distances are much shorter from there. As a last tip, if you are in Cancun, if you want to go to one of the islands such as Cozumel or Isla Mujeres, it is more convenient to go directly to the port and buy the tickets there.

Another option but not recommended.

Another option, if you are family, is to go to the timeshare presentations. you are basically cheating them with the idea that you are buying, so if you don’t it becomes a tremendously exhausting experience in my opinion, and it is not worth it, but if you do not mind how unpleasant that experience can be, you can get incredible discounts. In the event that you go to one of the presentations, under no circumstances buy! It is a very bad business.

Map with Main attractions of Cancun.

So you have an idea:

With these tips, you can have the vacation you always dreamed of at much lower price! Now you just have to relax, and enjoy!

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