Viajes a Cambodia

Cambodia, a different trip.

Cambodia is a country with a difficult recent history. It hasn’t been that long since Pol Pot, and that’s possible to appreciate even in a rather intense country like this.

They emphasize without a doubt, the ruins of Angkor Wat, which are really impressive. The island of Koh Rong is also recommended by many travelers since it is an underdeveloped island and as it characterizes other islands of Southeast Asia, paradise.

Moving away from the more tourist cities it is possible to find a much more authentic and less developed environment. It is a good opportunity to volunteer and live authentic tourism, as it is increasingly difficult to find today.

Obligatory to understand about Pol Pot and what it meant for the history of mankind.

Capital of Cambodia: Phnom Penh.

Internet connection in Cambodia: Internet not so good in general, although you may be lucky. In Kho Rong, it seems it is even more complicated.

Security: Carefully, unpleasant stories have been known in the capital Phnom Penh. Siem Reap is very safe. A country where you don’t have to worry too much about it, but obviously avoid taking unnecessary risks.

Drinking-Water: It is necessary to buy bottled water.

Entry requirements: The scam is known at some borders of Cambodia with Laos or Vietnam, so be patient. It is recommended to take 2 passport-sized photos with you. Internet processing is also possible.

Currency: It is the Rail, but in tourist cities especially, it is used only for coins smaller than one dollar. The dollar is widely used in most touristic places in the country.

Language: Khmer (or Cambodian).

Best time to travel: From November to May. There is less rain and more pleasant temperatures.

Typical food: Amok.

Travel among the cities: The easiest and most comfortable way is to take the tours that people sell in the travel agencies. We recommend quoting a bit since they are used to haggling, but in almost all cases, the service is quite good.

Recommended cities: Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Kho Rong.

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