Cairns Autralia

Traveling to the City of Cairns in Australia

A quiet little town in Northeast Australia. Home of crocodiles, snakes, and all the wild animals of this country except for Shaks because crocodiles eat them. It has many beaches in the surroundings, but there is always a risk of crocodiles or jellyfish in its waters. On the main beaches, they enable sectors with buoys to swim in the sea.

The city center is small but very pretty. You can walk along the esplanade if the weather is not too hot and it turns out to be a very pleasant walk. It highlights a free swimming pool open to the public, with nice dressing rooms and toilets.

The truth is, that the magic is in the surroundings of Cairns and in its sea, so you will necessarily need to take tours or renting a car to discover everything it has to offer. Inside the city, there is a bus that drops you at the main beaches.

On the coasts of this city, the great barrier reef is located, which can be seen from space and has the largest coral reef in the world. Diving and interacting with the species that live here is something so unique that it attracts millions of tourists a year who only go to experience it for themselves.

Best Time to Travel to Cairns. The climate of this city is rather tropical and it has 2 seasons. One season with a lot of rain and heat, and with the other dry and with a much more pleasant temperature. The best time for us is the dry season, since the temperature is much more pleasant. This occurs between mid-April to October or so.

How many days to tour the city of Cairns. To tour the city and the main beaches in the surroundings, probably three days is enough for most, but if you want to do everything, probably at least a week.

The airport to the city of Cairns. There is an airport in the city, less than 10 minutes away from the city center. The easiest way to get to Cairns from its airport is via taxi or uber.

What to do or what to visit in the city of Cairns?

  • City center and the Esplanade. The city is small but very nice, with many shops to buy whatever you want and of course with very good gastronomic offers. From the pool, in the center, you can go to the Esplanade, which is perfect for walking during the sunset or for playing sports. On the way, you can see many birds, from parrots to pelicans. In front of the Esplanade you can go through the famous Cairns night market, which has good gastronomic options, as well as handicrafts, souvenirs, and even massages.
  • Cairns Aquarium. Located in the city center. It is a good option to enjoy and learn from the underwater world.
  • Cairns Botanical Garden. A very nice and big garden, with many exotic plants and areas to get lost and discover.
  • Palm Cove beach. One of the most visited beaches in the area. A place to relax and rest.
Palm Cove Cairns
  • Discover the Great Barrier Reef. It is the largest coral reef in the world, where you can see countless marine species such as turtles, rays, and countless other types of fish. The temperature of the sea and the clarity of the water make this experience one of the most complete in the world.

What are the best things to do close to Cairns?

  • Fitzroy Island. You can go from the Cairns pier, and it’s like being in the Caribbean. Blue waters, jungle, beautiful trails and nice beaches. An incredible place without a doubt. Of the best in the area. We recommend you to bring your snorkel and glasses as it is very close to the coral reef, so it is incredible.
  • Green Island. Another impressive island with crystal clear waters, in the middle of the coral reef. It is recommended to go there for diving or to be in the sea, but if you want something more complete, with good beaches, Fitzroy is better.
  • Kuranda Scenic Railway or train ride to Kuranda, and what to do in Kuranda. A train that goes through the jungle on the way from Cairns to Kuranda, which stands out for the possibility of seeing crocodiles, koalas, kangaroos, butterflies, and even a place for the most dangerous animals such as snakes, spiders, and many others. It also has a very special market. Another way to get there is via cable car.
  • Barron’s Waterfall. A national park with an impressive waterfall to see when you go in the rainy season. It’s very close to Kuranda.
  • Crystal Cascades. A very nice waterfall area, with good places to rest, enjoy and swim in the water, good views and lots of jungle.
  • Port Douglas. A very small town about 70 km away from Cairns. Very quiet, with a long beach. In the main street there are good bars and nice shops.
  • Daintree National Park. 100 km away from Cairns, in the same direction to Port Douglas, It is this impressive rainforest of over 100 million years old, making it probably the oldest forest with these characteristics in the world. There are beautiful rivers, walks that lead to incredible views, contact with animals, and much more. It highlights the possibility of sighting the great Kasawari bird, the most dangerous bird in the world. Cape Tribulation stands out as an area with good beaches within the park. You can also do crocodile cruises

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