Traveling to the city of Brussels in Belgium

The capital of Belgium and also described as the capital of Europe for being the main administrative seat of the European Union.

It is a city with a unique style, a mix of modern and classic, with a lot of history among its streets and buildings. Very entertaining to explore and get lost in its streets. It has many commercial stores, and you shouldn’t leave this city without enjoying its delicious chocolates, french fries, and the great variety of beers available.

Best Time to travel to Brussels. If you don’t like snow and cold, we’d probably recommend April through September, as the weather is warm, sunny, and never overly hot.

Days to visit the city of Brussels. Two days should be enough to see in a shallow way the life of this city and visit the main attractions.

The airport in the city of Brussels. The airport of Brussels is approximately 15 km away. The city can be easily reached by train for less than 10 euros.

What to do or visit in the city of Brussels?

  • Fries. Something you cannot stop eating in this wonderful city are the Belgian Fries, with their particular preparation and the variety of sauces with which you can combine them in most places, that’s why it’s an essential meal to try if you come to Brussels. The typical dish here is called “Moules frites” (mussels with french fries), you should definitely try it.
  • Chocolate. In Brussels, chocolates are also typical, you can find different stores with a great variety of great chocolates. One of the best, is the Godivas store. You can also find the Chocolate Museum, and you cannot leave without trying the typical waffles.
  • Saint Hubert Galleries. Long commercial type galleries that bring together a lot of art, exclusive brands, rich chocolate shops, etc. Although buying something here is a bit expensive, taking a walk and marveling at its architecture is a must.
  • Delirium Tremens Cafe. A very original design bar and a great atmosphere with more than 2,000 different types and flavors of beer.
  • Comic Book Route. In different parts of this city you can find large murals of different characters from iconic Belgian comics, such as Tin Tin, Lucky Luke, The Smurfs, among others. There is a museum of comics and also 3 different routes in which you can walk and surprise yourself with this art in the different streets of Brussels.
  • Manneken Pis. Curiously, one of the symbols in Brussels is a statue of a boy urinating in a fountain, who depending on the celebration dress the boy with different representative costumes or they even exchange “the water of their urine” for beer. Also in nearby streets you can find a version in girl (Jeanneke Pis) and in dog (Zinneke Pis).
  • Grand Place. The beautiful square located in the city center of Brussels, this is where buildings that have a lot of history and impressive architecture meet. This square is surrounded by the City Council of this city, the guild houses, and the king’s house, among others.
  • Brussels Cathedral. Gothic style Catholic Church. An emblematic place in this city, where admission is free and worth visiting.
  • Royal Palace. A historical building, where the Belgian kings lived long years, but that today is only their workplace. When you leave the palace, you find Brussels Park, a place with large green areas, sculptures, and a water fountain, where you can find and enjoy calm.

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