What to do in Bali in two weeks?

Bali is a fascinating place, unique and full of attractions. In general, it is a country that can be traveled quite economically, making it ideal for travelers with reduced budgets.

Here is a description of our tour, which is probably the most comfortable for touring the main points of the island of Bali.


Ubud is a city full of incredible places and great charm. Depending on where you stay (which are central and very cheap), you can probably see impressive temples, beautiful rice paddies, and you can even do ridiculously cheap massages by walking less than an hour. If you want to explore the surroundings, you can easily (by motorcycle or taxi), reach the rice terraces in Tagalalang, bathe in temples with sacred waters, or even visit impressive waterfalls. In relation to this, there is a lot of tours and taxis in the city, so it will be very easy to quote and find the most convenient alternative according to the interests and budget.

Gili Islands

We continue our trip to Gili T (or Gili Trawangan), an impressive island, to which we advise to go with earplugs since depending on where you stay, you will start listening to songs from 5 am in the morning that will make you stop enjoying the charms of the island.

Best of all, it is absurdly easy to find sea turtles. Seriously, less than 10 meters from the shore (at the turtle point) you will see a large number of turtles, also fish such as “Nemos” and “dorys”, and countless marine species. This one, we think is the biggest attraction of the island, since it is not easy to find places in the world, where you can swim with turtles as easily as here. And it is amazing!

Another thing you can not miss if you go to Gili T, are the sunsets, which can be seen from an area of ​​the island that is full of swings and hammocks in the water. In addition, in this place, some of the many bars and restaurants, play some live music and make bonfires, so they adorn the atmosphere, making it an unforgettable experience.

If you like the party, this island is the place for you, you can enjoy relatively cheap cocktails everywhere, and almost every night there is a party in one of its bars that will surely make you spend an incredible moment. If you are also a search engine for psychedelic experiences, magic mashrooms are quite easy to find too.


Then, there is Uluwatu, in the south of Bali, which is a unique place, with a lot of surfer and backpacking atmosphere, where you will surely live a wonderful experience. To travel around here, the best option is a motorcycle, since the roads are quite good (unlike Nusa Penida), you practically do not hear stories of policemen making a salary with you (unlike Ubud) and there are a large number of beaches, viewpoints, temples that you will surely love.

Nusa Penida

We didn’t go to Nusa Penida since we were getting a little out of our budget, and because we heard that touring around was quite exhausting, but all the people we met who had gone, said it was a unique and really beautiful place. So if you have resources and courage, you have to include it too, you will surely not regret it!


In relation to Kuta, unless you want to make a stop very close to the airport (very close to Denpasar), or make shopping, we would not recommend it. It is quite unattractive for tourists, and also something dangerous. Although, as always, it depends on each visitor, there are travelers who find their charm.

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