Viajar a Austria

Austria Tourism

Austria is an amazing country, which contains a set of places of interest inside and outside the city, which will make your experience truly unique and unforgettable.

Walking through the center of Vienna and have a coffee in one of its centuries-old coffee shops or explore its beautiful landscapes.

Watching an opera show or Symphonic is also highly recommended.

Capital of Austria: Viena

Internet connection in Austria: the Internet connection is very good.

Security in Austria: A very safe country. It’s advised to be especially careful in places with many people.

Drinking-Water: Drinking water from the tap in the whole country.

Entry requirements: Most countries do not need a special Visa. The same requirements for any other country that belongs to the Schengen area.

Currency in Austria: Euro.

Language in Austria: German.

Best time to travel: From April to August, preferably avoiding the months of July where is the high season.

Typical food: Wiener Schnitzel. A must do, is to go to one of the famous coffee shops in Vienna.

Travel among the cities: As in all of Europe, transport is very developed, it is very easy to buy tickets and book online. Through, flixbus, you can book your tickets.

Recommended cities: Vienna, Salzburg, Hallstatt, Graz, Innsbruck.

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