actitud al viajar

When you travel, regardless of your objective, it must be done under the right attitude. That is, an attitude open to new things, observant and tolerant.

When we travel, many times we find certain customs that seem weird, and with which we disagree, but having a tolerant and observant attitude will allow you to get a better understanding of the society in which you are.

In the end, the sense of traveling is just having new experiences and knowing other ways of living.

See to comment and trully understand

If you travel somewhere and your way of seeing things does not change at all, it is because you did not do it with the right attitude, it is not about finding the arguments to reaffirm what we think, it is about observing and understanding without judging.

Perhaps you can be in an Arab country and disagree that women are covered up, but if you observe enough, you will realize how they live, the consequences that this way of living have, or perhaps, you can only have stronger arguments for being against it, but you must be there and observe it first.

On the other hand, if you go to Thailand, you might not agree with the abuse that is committed with the elephants, but with the wrong attitude, you may not understand the similarities between this practice and those that occur in your country with the cows, and other animals.

It is necessary to understand that what you observe is a consequence of facts and that your way of understanding things now is because of what we have experienced in the past, so it is important to be tolerant and accept these actions since you are just a visitor.

The cost of not trying to understand the different

A while ago, I was talking with a friend who told me that she had been in Thailand for a month and that she had never used the toilets on the floor because it made her sick.

It doesn’t have to mean this way, but when I went to Thailand the first time I was really impressed that they used that type of toilet. when she told me she didn’t try it, I was impressed. By never trying, he never understood the meaning of using such bathrooms, and how practical they can really be. In the position you need to be in order to use them, our body evacuates naturally, in the way that was done before the baths were invented and which is a product of evolution, so the process is very easy and even cleaner.

Another friend told me that he was in India and that he was disgusted to see how everyone ate with his hand, but behind this there is a logic that uses Ayurveda, or Indian medicine, in which he considers the hands as the first stage of digestion, where fingers touch food, make our body understand the type of food, and digestion is much more effective.

Judge without knowing

While you always have to be careful, you have to avoid judging without knowing. Many times we do it for a characteristic physical aspect, which we associate with something bad, but which, having no real knowledge, could make us fall into a totally wrong prejudgement (most of the time, in fact).

Once, due to an oversight, we lost a wallet, and a person from El Salvador (country of which we had a lot of prejudices), being extremely kind (which generated insecurities as well), ended up being an angel on our way, and an exceptional help that we thank very much today.


You are traveling, and you are there to observe, to learn and to change, neither to judge, keep thinking the same nor have a closed attitude towards the new.

Things are never black and white only, and travel is the perfect way to learn, to open your eyes, and to be able to see the whole grayscale, which for many seems like it doesn’t exist.

By last.

Be careful with expectations. When you travel, you go to a place that is not known, so all our expectations are based on fantasy. If you travel, try to maintain a free of expectations attitude, be open to live what the trip gives you and enjoy those things.

Maybe it’s going to be very hot, people are going to be nasty, or you’ll find it dirty, but it’s also likely that despite that, you’ll find a person worth talking to. In spite of the dirty, there will be places or moments in which it will be clean and you can enjoy it, and it may be better to rest in the hottest moments and get to know when it is cooler, so don’t give up and keep trying to enjoy the adventure.

Do not let an erroneous expectation ruin your trip, remember that you will discover and that the expectation is never equal to reality. It is generally better, but if you focus on the negative or on what didn’t happen from your expectations, you will not be able to see the positive things around you.

Traveling is never easy, but it is always worth it.

While traveling seems like the dream for many, traveling actually means leaving home, from your city, from the comfort of your life, so there are some who fail to understand it.

My grandfather, for example, always traveled with the purpose of obtaining remuneration, for which he lived only the negative side of travel without having the benefits, so now he believes traveling is basically stupid.

Still, without having lived the trips in this way, it is not for everyone.

Traveling often means walking without resting, to sleep little or interrupted, fighting with people who try to abuse from you, eating poorly or little sometimes, and even living the destination as an expectation impossible to get.

But still, traveling is worth it. Observing different customs and ways of living, to appreciate the different forms of routine that people have in different places of the world is something so magical and that involves so much that for the right eyes, it can be extremely valorized.

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