Apps para viajar

What are the apps you need to carry on your cell phone when you travel?

At this time of history, traveling is very easy and that’s because of the apps that make our world much easier. Some of the best options available, we can find them in this list.

Apps para viajar
  • It is a great map application. You have to download the maps of the place beforehand, and then you can use GPS without internet.
  • It’s a platform that allows you to know the best deals online in practically every place on the planet. You can see people’s comments and get a pretty clear idea of ​​where you will arrive and what to expect from your hotel, hostel.
  • Tripadvisor. It is another platform in which other travelers have left their comments about different places, hotels, restaurants, and others. It lets you know if a place is dangerous if a restaurant you should or shouldn’t go. If you are one of those people who like to have everything under control, this application will be very useful.
  • Xe Currency, Expensify, or whatever you want. There are many apps that allow you the money conversion. It will be very useful if you want to know if the exchange price is right.
  • Google Translate. An app that allows you to translate the language you need into Spanish. If you want to use it offline, remember to download the language beforehand.
  • Weather Pro. You can choose another one, but remember to bring your weather app when you travel. It will help you to know what clothes to wear, and if it is convenient to make some panorama on the planned day or it is better to change it.
  • Trip it. It is a very useful app that allows you to unify in a single app all the reservation data of hotels, flights, itineraries, etc.
  • WiFi finder. An app that lets you know where the nearest free Wi-Fi network is.
  • Kindle. It is an app that allows you to use your phone as a kindle, and read the books you want. It is not the same experience as reading a book as such, but it is quite convenient and practical.

How lucky we are of living at this moment of history. With all this help anyone is able to travel now!

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