Antigua Guatemala

Traveling to the city of Antigua, in Guatemala

An impressive place in the heart of Guatemala. Surrounded by three volcanoes that can be seen easily from the city, and with a facade full of cobblestones and old houses painted in colors. All this makes this city one of the most special in the entire American continent.

Antigua Guatemala

Best Time to travel to the city of Antigua in Guatemala. The climate of this area is rather tropical so it can be visited at any time of the year. It is important to consider that between the months of May and September, the rainy season occurs so there may be days ruined by that or you will find some places with a lot of mud.

How many days to visit Antigua in Guatemala. Probably one or two days should be enough to know and feel the city. If you plan to climb the volcanoes, you will probably need a few more days.

The airport in the city of Antigua. There is no airport in the area, so you will have to arrive in Guatemala City, and from there take a bus or rent a car to travel to finally get into Antigua.

What to do or visit in Antigua?

  • Discover the city, walk its streets, and admire its colonial architecture. The city is very special, colorful and has housed an architectural treasure since it was a Spanish colony. Among the places that must be visited in the city are some of the small craft markets, the palace of the captains general, the arch of Santa Catalina, (icon of the city), the convent of La Copuchinas, the Merced church, the central square and the cathedral of Santiago.
  • Cerro de la Cruz. A perfect place to admire the city and its volcanoes from above. If you like viewpoints, this is the place to go.
  • Climb to the Pacaya Volcano. It is an excellent option if you want to experience what it is like to climb a volcano and you do not have much time. A somewhat intense climb but less than 4 km. If you are lucky you may see lava fall. There are horses halfway in case you are too tired. I recommend trying to do it on a clear day to better enjoy the views of the place. A climb of about 3 hours in total since you arrive at the entrance, between going up and down approximately.
  • Climb the Acatenango volcano. A somewhat more intense experience since it requires at least two days to get to the top. It is not as intense in terms of ascent but it is long, which is why you should have some physical condition. It is a unique experience that is worth doing because as it is an active volcano, you can feel the earth from a unique perspective.
  • Chocomuseum or the Chocolate Museum in Antigua. A museum dedicated to Chocolate. You can learn about the chocolate production process, understand what is behind, and at the same time try and have the possibility to buy unique products.

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