viajero con animales

These are ideal destinations to have direct contact with different species of animals in their nature, which will amaze any lover or seeker of experiences with animals.

Costa Rica:

A country with a lot of environmental awareness, which has allowed Costa Rica to have a great development related to the preservation of national parks, in which the traveler will surely be able to come into contact with a large number of animals. Lazy, panthers, toucans, colorful reptiles, monkeys, dolphins, manta rays, among many others.


Although it is for somewhat higher budgets, it is an African island with unique nature, with animals and places with characteristics that are not found anywhere else. You can see Lemurs, chameleons, frogs of many colors, turtles among many others.

South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania

Although there are other countries where you can find the same animals, we chose these since they are the safest, and where the 5 largest Africa are most likely to be seen. (Lion, Buffalo, African Elephant, Leopard, Rhino)


It is a unique place, where animals are very protected and they know it. The birds feel so confident that they become even invasive, you can see the giant turtles of Galapagos, see sea lions with great ease.

Also if you are looking for a scuba diving experience, it is one of the best places in the world to dive. Other species that can be seen are blue-footed and red-footed boobies, water turtles, and many other species.


It is one of the ideal destinations for backpackers and travelers on a budget and at the same time, it is a country full of animal life in which you can have direct and unique contact.

Having contact with the Asian elephant is very easy to get, but we strongly ask that you look for animal-friendly alternatives, since the exploitation and abuse of these animals are very massive and really awful.

Within the best cities for this, there is Chiang Mai in the north, where there are elephant shelters, where you can feed, bathe and even volunteer (for a fee) in favor of these beautiful animals.

The islands of Thailand are the best destinations for diving in terms of quality and price. It is also easy to see monkeys, reptiles, and many other animals due to the large amount of jungle that this country possesses.


It is a unique country, in the north of the world, where you can see animals that are not easy to see in other places of the planet, such as whales, brown bears, lynx, foxes, the beautiful Atlantic puffins, among many others.

If you are an animal lover, these destinations will surely leave you with your mouth open.

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