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Welcome! Have a safe trip everyone !

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Traveling was part of our beginnings as a human being, and when we got a sedentary lifestyle we abandoned it to become the society we are today. There have been many good things that have made life easier for all of us, but a lot has been lost as well…

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We are in a moment in history when nothing seems to make sense. We have drifted away from ourselves, and we have lost our nature not only as individuals but also as specie. Traveling is the answer to all this, hence we need a traveling revolution. May everyone go on a journey, may the wisdom of the nomad, or wisdom of change, be integrated in your life. Traveling has never been so easy as now, you have to use that. For all those who dreamed and couldn’t.

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Why traveling?

We live in a huge world, full of people living in the most diverse ways, in the most diverse places. To be able to watch them, to question ourselves about our own existence and ways of living. Most of the people live in only one place all their life. They usually give all the importance to competition, to their jobs and to get the goals that allow them to show to the rest that they are successful people when they should be simply trying to live, to enjoy the moment and to be who they really are.

An Australian nurse that worked with terminal ill people, wrote a book about the regrets that these people felt when the death was getting closer. One of the most common regrets, as she says in her book is: “I wish I had the courage of doing what I really wanted to do and not what the rest expected me to do”.

Be aware of how lucky we are of living in the best moment of history for traveling. Now we have airlines that fight to each other for taking you in just a few hours to the other part of the planet. Do you imagine how was traveling before the internet or even the phone? Imagine how was to get into a place without speaking the language, and trying to find a place to sleep! We now have !

Face the fear to travel

Traveling is the act of moving. Moving to something different from what we already know. Something new. And like that, a lot of fears come across and our mind starts finding excuses for not doing it.

It’s an experience different and unknown, but we all go through this. I’m actually writing about this because it’s normal. It still happens to us even when we have traveled a lot and it also happens after you do a long trip, and you have to come back. We are afraid of what we don’t know, to get out of our comfort zone. The thing is that we always find new comfort zones, so after two days of doing something, it may become your new comfort zone. When we travel it happen to us with a room that we don’t want to leave after a few days, even when it’s not so comfortable. We get attached to everything.

But as the saying says, “Best thing happens when we go out from our comfort zone”. Do it, whatever it happens, it will be an amazing experience that will help you to deal with staff in the future, you will be stronger and happier. Go traveling, and enjoy your life. Travel to be free. Travel to be happy.

Travel to disconnect, travel to live, travel to forget, travel to heal, travel to live new things, experience more intense sensations. Whatever is the reason, the important thing is to travel, it will be good for you.

Becoming independent, having the world at your disposal. Be completely free, without people judging or criticizing you. Traveling just for traveling, because traveling means living.

Traveling Motivation

If what you need is someone who motivates you and shows you what is necessary so that you do not think about anything other than packing your bags and leaving, you have to enter here.


Because sometimes we need a little motivation, we’ve put together the best videos to convince you that traveling is the only thing that makes sense in life

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